What is the best compression garment for varicose veins?

Why should i wear compression underwear for varicose veins? It would seem that so many drugs have been developed to treat diseases of the veins, so is it worth bothering the legs by wearing special knitwear? Meanwhile, in the complex therapy of varicose veins, compression underwear is declared the number one remedy for preventing thrombosis and normalizing the blood supply to the veins of the lower limbs. What is the secret of the effectiveness of therapeutic knitwear?

stockings for varicose veins

The therapeutic effect of compression stockings: how to restore leg health?

Varicose veins are a condition that anyone can experience. With this disease, the vascular tone decreases, which naturally leads to stagnation of blood and the development of thromboembolic complications. Most often, the veins in the legs are affected, especially in women who have undergone pregnancy and childbirth. Do not avoid varicose veins and men who lead a sedentary lifestyle, as well as those whose work is associated with constant standing.

In addition to venotonics (drugs that normalize the tone of the vascular wall), experts recommend wearing special medical knitwear. There is no doubt about the advantages of the compression underwear. Socks and stockings help the blood to rise, preventing it from stagnating and normalizing the work of the smallest vessels. Improved microcirculation, compression stockings and tights prevent the appearance of pain and heaviness in the legs, and also protect against the development of thrombosis and other dangerous complications of varicose veins.


Do not delay the purchase of compression underwear - it will help you maintain your health for many years.

Patients using therapeutic knitwear note a significant improvement in their general condition. By the end of the day, legs get tired much less even with prolonged sitting or standing work. No swelling and no pain: compression stockings and pantyhose give the opportunity to return to an active life without any constraints for the patient.

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Classification of knitwear

All compression underwear is divided into preventive and therapeutic. It is recommended to wear preventive knitwear at the first signs of the disease. It exerts minimal compression on the veins, normalizing the pressure in the vessels and preventing blood stasis. In addition, elastic stockings prevent the development of edema, eliminate heaviness in the legs and protect against the progression of the disease.

For preventive purposes, compression underwear is often prescribed to people whose work involves a permanent immobile position (teachers, surgeons, drivers). All pregnant women, even without signs of varicose veins, should also take care of their veins and purchase special stockings in the early stages. The thickening of the blood in anticipation of the baby leads to the development of thrombosis, which is extremely undesirable for the expectant mother. Wearing compression underwear allows you to avoid the threat and safely bring the pregnancy up to the due date.

compression underwear for varicose veins

Types of medical knitwear

Medical knitwear is selected individually, taking into account the severity of the disease. Unlike preventative models, it cannot be purchased commercially. Therapeutic stockings and tights are sold by prescription in special orthopedic salons. According to the degree of compression, four classes of medical underwear are distinguished.

  • Class 1: the degree of compression is not more than 20 mm Hg. Art. It is recommended in the early stages of the disease, with the appearance of varicose veins, edema and heaviness in the legs.
  • Class 2 - pressure up to 35 mm Hg. Art. It is recommended for patients with varicose veins manifested during long flights or bus trips. The second class of compression is also used during surgery to prevent thromboembolic complications.
  • Class 3 - compression up to 45 mmHg. Art. It is prescribed for moderate varicose veins complicated by thrombophlebitis.
  • Class 4 - pressure above 50 m Hg. Art. It is used for severe violations of the outflow of lymph.


Do not try to determine the degree of compression yourself. The class of underwear is indicated by the doctor after examining the veins.

compression stockings for varicose veins

Compression knitwear: what is it like?

There are a huge number of knitwear on the market and it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right option for you. What is the best underwear? What to prefer: tights, stockings or leggings? Comparative characteristics of the types of compression underwear will help answer these questions.


Compression tights are one of the most popular types of medical underwear. There are options designed specifically for women in position - with a rubber band that takes the pressure off the stomach. The tights are strictly selected according to the size. Options that are too long or too short will not provide the desired impact expected from compression stockings. Make sure that the chosen model ends exactly at the waist - this will ensure an even distribution of pressure over the entire surface of the legs.


Recently, stockings have become more and more popular, especially among young women. They act on the veins as effectively as tights, but at the same time do not slide down and do not put pressure on the stomach. In the hot season, many patients prefer socks also because they are not very hot. Most therapeutic models are made with an open toe so that you can control the condition of the skin and the degree of compression.

Golf and socks

Unlike women, men prefer to wear socks or leggings. The stylish design of modern models allows you not to hide the linen under the pants. The knee-highs will adapt perfectly to a sporty look during a workout or a walk in the forest, perfectly combined with sneakers or sneakers. The only point - you can wear such underwear only if the varicose veins have not gone above the level of the knee. When changing the veins on the thighs, golf will have to be abandoned in favor of tights or stockings.

Elastic bandage

Another type of compression knitwear, which is significantly inferior in comfort to other underwear options. The bandage takes a long time to wrap, does not fit very well on the leg and is not suitable for people used to an active lifestyle. Often used during surgery when the patient is immobile. Of the pluses - an inexpensive price, which is why the elastic bandage still finds its adherents among patients with varicose veins.

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How to choose the right underwear for varicose veins?

What's better: tights, stockings or stockings? There is no single answer to this question. First of all, it is worthwhile to focus on the degree of spread of varicose veins. If necessary, cover not only shins, but also thighs, tights or stockings with linen. To relieve swelling in the ankle area, you can get by with golf or leggings. Recommendations for choosing one or another type of underwear can be given by a phlebologist after examining and clarifying the condition of the veins.

Before finally choosing compression stockings, you should pay attention to the material from which the underwear is made. The high quality stockings and tights are made of cotton or nylon with the addition of elastic fibers and lycra. This material allows the skin to breathe, does not contain seams and does not cause allergic reactions. With proper care, the healing properties of flax last up to 6 months.


Do not buy stockings and tights marked with deniers. Special underwear comes with information on the degree of compression in millimeters of mercury.

Compression underwear must be worn according to a special algorithm common to all models. Any underwear is worn in the morning without getting out of bed. Both stockings and tights are first pulled on the toe and then gently straightened over the entire surface of the leg. Do not stretch and twist the linen in the process of wearing it and also roll it into an accordion. Tights are worn on the hips and waist from a prone position with the pelvis raised.

Contraindications for wearing compression stockings

Compression underwear for varicose veins is not suitable for all patients. It must be abandoned under the following conditions:

  • atherosclerosis and some other arterial diseases;
  • bedsores and ulcers;
  • dermatitis of any origin.

With caution, compression underwear should be worn for people with sensitive skin, as well as for diabetes mellitus with damage to the vessels of the legs.

With proper care, compression underwear will not lose its healing properties for a long time. For regular clothing, it is best to have two pairs of knitwear at a time: this will allow you not to interrupt the treatment while washing and drying the clothes. Six months later, tights, stockings and stockings need to be replaced. Buy compression underwear only from official representatives, and your legs will be pleased with such care.